Thursday, May 27, 1982

ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS - Royal Commission into Drug Trafficking

Mark Standen. Source: The Daily Telegraph 2011
Question No. 2517

27 May 1982

Senator Bolkus asked the Minister representing the Minister for Administrative Services, upon notice, on 27 May 1982:

(1) Did evidence given at the Royal Commission into drug trafficking on Thursday 13 May 1982 refer to two narcotics agents, Stephen Insley and Mark Standen, who had earlier told the Commission how in May 1979 they had [Link story] flushed a quantity of drugs down a toilet, effectively destroying evidence.

(2) Was it stated in evidence by Mr Harvey Bates, former Director of the Narcotics Bureau, that these two agents, although charged under the Public Service Act, were transferred to the Australian Federal Police when the Narcotics Bureau was disbanded.

(3) Did Mr Bates say that nothing was done about the charges because the two men were to be denied entry to the Federal Police when that force was established, and did Mr Bates also say that despite this, and the advice that the two men were unacceptable for service in the Australian Federal Police, they were still transferred to that force when the Narcotics Bureau was abolished.

(4) Was the Government aware of this rather unorthodox series of events.

(5) Was it normal practice to deal with offences within the Narcotics service in such a way.

(6) Does the Minister for Administrative Services know whether agents Insley and «Standen are still serving with the Federal Police; if so, why, and do their duties have anything to do with drugs.

Senator Messner —The Minister for Administrative Services has provided the following answer to the honourable senator's question.

(1) to (6) I would remind the honourable senator that the matters raised are currently under investigation by the Stewart Royal Commission of Inquiry into Drug Trafficking who will no doubt report to governments on the matter in due course.

Accordingly, it would not be appropriate for me to comment at this time on the matters you have raised.

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