Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Top cop Mark Standen wanted to "get the slate clean", jury hears

Lisa Davies From: The Daily Telegraph March 23, 2011 12:00AM

FORMER top investigator Mark Standen told an alleged accomplice he couldn’t wait to "get the slate clean", bemoaning his wife’s mental illness and his rising debts as the cause of much financial pressure, a jury has heard.

Wife (right) dumps 'drug' cop Mark Standen

In an intercepted conversation with co-accused Bakos "Bill" Jalalaty played to the jury, the pair allegedly discuss the details of a shipment of rice and other foodstuffs.

The Crown alleges the men were in actual fact conspiring to import 300kg of the precursor drug pseudoephedrine, used to make ice or speed.

Standen is heard discussing how he helped out his younger brother when he separated from his wife, and now his family is costing him a lot of money as he struggles with financial commitments.

"I’ve got a nutty wife who used to spend all the money I’d left for bills, for ages I paid bills twice – I’d say look, OK, look the phone bill’s six hundred bucks, the electricity bill you know four hundred, there’s the money to pay those ... OK where’s the money buying alcohol, this, that, and the other spending the money buying things for family – she went and bought a microwave oven for $900, a $900 microwave … we've already got a bloody $300 one that doesn't get used,” he said in the conversation recorded by a listening device in September 2007.

"Psychotic medication is expensive you know ... I’ve had had her to counsellors and psychiatrist, I’ve had her to all types."

However, he admits he let their private insurance lapse, and he wasn’t covered.

"I just want $200 thousand … (I’d be) extremely pleased," he said.

"If I have a hundred in cash I wouldn’t have to panic for another, say, another year or so before worrying about doing anything, yeah."

Standen has pleaded not guilty in the Supreme court to three charges - conspiracy to import a commercial quantity of pseudoephedrine, knowingly take part in the supply of 300kg of that drug, and perverting the course of justice.

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