Friday, August 14, 2015


**Updated 14th August 2015**
Standen v Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions 

Hon Michael Gallacher MLC
Thursday 11 August 2011 click Pdf file

A must read: How the NSW Crime Commission tries to tie the hands of the
NSW Police Integrity Commisson's attempt to investigate other NSW CC Officers.
XXXXXX v Police Integrity Commission [2011] NSWSC 443 (17 May 2011)

Public Hearing: Operation Winjan

To investigate whether Lou Novakovic, a member of staff of the New South Wales Crime Commission, and/or any other person associated with him is or has been involved in criminal activity or serious misconduct and, in connection therewith, to examine the practices and procedures of the New South Wales Crime Commission in the conduct of actions under the Criminal Assets Recovery Act 1990.




  1. Unbelievable......Love this quote, Kingpin freed accidentally by NSW Crime Commission?????? Operation Mocha in charge @ Sydney Airport, same day,time,area as Schapelle Corby's boogie board bag ummm maybe that was why no cameras were working..........

  2. I am sure if Mark Standen could put his life in reverse he would do things differently. It once again shows how gambling can destroy lives and families. This is a guy who had worked his way to a top job in the Crime commission. How a person of his intelligence, training & experience could have sort out such "stupid" friends and an even more stupid solution to help bail him out of his financial situation,why he turned to crime and crooks to solve his problems? Shows you how desperate his financial situation became, very sad really. I guess he now wishes he had turned to Gamblers anonymous and not crime. He should have known crime doesn't pay, eventually he would have got caught, Mark must have known this, but took the risk anyway. Maybe closer monitoring of those in these types of Police positons needs reviewed, it seems it was well known amongst work colleagues his gambling problems were out of control, this alone I feel made him unsuitable for the postion he held. What leaves me scratching my head is given all the crooks that must have crossed Marks path, why he chose the dumbest crooks he could find???

  3. Mark Standen I am sure regrets many life choices he has made, no one is perfect we all makes mistakes, some just make HUGE mistakes, like breaking the law and when caught are rightfully punished. We can be so quick to judge and kick the boots in when people are down, Mark has had every part of his life professional and private on display for all of us in the public to read about. Why when his work colleagues knew he had a out of control gambling problem, yet it seems all just sat on their hands and watched his life spiral out of control, did no one address this issue with him, not just a chat or slap on the wrist ,he should have been stood down or moved to another position and monitored whilst undertaking compulsory therapy for his gambling, it looks like his friends and colleagues just sat back rubbing there hands together waiting for him to fall from grace. Something has gone wrong with the old Australian value "Look Out For your Mates" this guy had a problem and all connected with him apparently knew it. It seems he had his fingers in the pie(safe etc.) a few times yet everyone just looked away??? I just wonder how you can be convicted even though no one has ever found the drugs?? Was it the gambling that drove Mark to crime, or was it he became so like the drug characters he followed and studied day after day, drawn into the high living and just became like them and gambling was part of it??? Are other serving officers who are so highly trained to live and breathe life on the streets as undercover drug dealers at risk of becoming just like those they are hunting, there would have to be a very fine line when you are playing a life and death role as a under cover drug dealer, those on the streets have to believe you are one of them. I am not making excuses for Marks actions, but are there lessions to be learned. Could more care and monitoring be taken when it comes to our law inforcers (especially in the unusual position of working undercover), to prevent them from stooping to the level of those who CHOOSE to live a life of crime and make a career and living from it. To get to the position Mark was in, he must have been very good at his job at some time, he can't be all bad, it seems he has done wrong, but does this give us the right to strip every bit of self worth from a person, especially someone who has given so much of his life to the community as a law inforcer officer, can't we leave him a little dignity... I can't help but feel sad for Mark Standen.... Finally someone stopped him,those that caught Mark actually saved him from himself, one day he might actually thank them, no ammount of drug money would have got him out of his debt, the more money he got the more gambling and the more debt, it was a merry go round. A positive for Mark, he is now off the gambling Merry Go Round...

  4. So publicly shamed, this would have to put me of ever contemplating becoming a crooked cop. Any officer who is corrupt needs to go and have a chat to Mark Standen right about now. Was it worth it, possibly 20 yrs in goal, when you get out no home, family & friends if you are lucky, no job, no money and worst of all the public knows what you've done, worth it, I don't think so, it sure would put me off considering crime as a solution to my personal or financial problems. Lessons to be learned and changes should be made, if this does not happen this has all been a waste of time and money. For Mark, plenty of time for reflection & regrets I am sure. I hope this negative can be turned to a positive, Mark should now help to put all the pieces together in the puzzle. The guy is now doing the time for the crime, lets get on with finding out why and how so it does not happen again.

  5. I cannot wait until he starts singing like a bird.. It is ineveitable... He is a afraid, very afraid... he has had plenty of time for "reflection" I know for certain there are many others that were under his control that would now be shitting bricks... These rats in the ranks are now to be targetted by a hungry mob of politicians driven by community response. finally.... I have been awaiting this result for 8 years.. good things come to those who wait.. A very nervous anxious wait for a certain internal affairs inspector guilty of many things under Standens management... bye bye goose...